Octal 8-bit

This is my Raspberry Pi ZeroW with home-made neo-pixel HAT; constructed using M3 nuts and bolts, and a lollypop stick. Note the use of jumper shunts for discrete pin connections. The neo-pixel strips are arranged in two rows but are wired in sequence. They provide address and data indicators for my 8-bit Intel 8080 simulator […]

Take back Control.

A lesson in history. One of my first experiments with the Raspberry Pi was to establish a serial connection with a Palm Personal Digital Assistant and use its terminal program to access the Pi’s login shell at boot up. The PDA provides a screen to display text and a virtual keyboard or graffiti pad to […]

Remote teaching and micro:bit classroom

Remote teaching and micro:bit classroom So it’s been an interesting couple of months and as a primary school teacher I’ve had to learn new ways of interacting with the students in my school.  One of the things that I knew about but hadn’t practically used was microbit classroom. https://classroom.microbit.org/ It provides a more interactive way […]

Animal Crossing, Raspberry Pi and Jam

Early in the year I was driving home from Interactive Futures in Leamington Spa and reflecting on the exciting year ahead with all the events.  My boot was full of Raspberry Pis and I was excited at the prospect of all the Jams, conferences and events to come. Heading into early March the news started […]

Virtual jam.

Before the lock-down, I had three monthly meet-ups that helped feed my greedy maker bug; the Stafford PiJam, Stafford Web Meetup and Birmingham Maker Monday.  My physical attendance at these events may have been curtailed but the virtual opportunities have in many ways compensated. On March 30th Maker Monday (@Maker_Monday) replaced their monthly pub gathering […]

Raspberry Pi Hardware and Software Updates May 2020

We may have been in lockdown recently but that did not stop the Raspberry Pi team releasing upgraded hardware (with a whopping 8GB RAM version) and software Raspberry Pi OS. For more information see the video below:

Welcome to the Stafford Raspberry Jam website!

You may have spotted an email from me a little over a week ago telling you about other virtual events during the period that we aren’t meeting due to COVID-19. In that email, I also wrote about the possibility of creating a new website with the functionality to allow all of you to write blog […]