Remote teaching and micro:bit classroom

Remote teaching and micro:bit classroom

So it’s been an interesting couple of months and as a primary school teacher I’ve had to learn new ways of interacting with the students in my school.  One of the things that I knew about but hadn’t practically used was microbit classroom. It provides a more interactive way of using micro:bit with students. So while in this situation I thought I should see how I can use this tool to help engage students with learning. My experiment turned into six weeks work with micro:bit classroom being a key resource I used to teach micro:bit programming to my year 4 students.

Micro:bit classrooms is part of the micro:bit website that allows you to create a lesson and invite students to join using a code. When they are part of the lesson the teacher can send code examples to them but more importantly it allows the teacher to see what code they are assembling. It is not quite a live view but you can easily see what a student is doing and then of course give advice. It’s really useful for keeping a record of what students have done as well. 

The reason why I found it so useful is that it enabled me to see what the kids were doing, even though they’re not in the same room as me. I could give some guidance via the online platform we use. Remote teaching becomes really challenging when you can’t see what the children are doing.

I believe the website to be a real game changer teaching micro:bit with students. The ability to send code out makes it much quicker for students to get up and running and create their first micro:bit moment. 

If you are considering Running a remote Jam session it’s definitely a good way to to get children all working on something quickly and allow you to really help them with any issues they are having.

Of course the micro:bit website is full of great tutorials that they’ve made and during this lockdown period they have been creating online tutorials and webinars which are listed on their blog and new stuff is being added all the time.

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